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Psychotherapy Service

Every child is born with his or her unique temperament and style of behaviour. In the face of life challenges, every child approaches and responds to adversity differently. While some of them are more resilient, some may experience distress, interpersonal difficulties, and show behavioural problems. Clinical psychologists of the Walk with Love Project are professionally trained and experienced in organising the feelings and understanding the psychological needs of each child. We provide psychological interventions to support children to adapt well to adversity, enhance their self-understanding, and address emotional, social, and behavioral problems.

At the same time, while parenthood certainly involves a lot of blissful experiences, it is not unusual to feel stressed at some time. Parental consultation enables parents to process their dilemmas in their relationship with their child, facilitate communication, and forge strong and intimate family relationships.

Psychotherapy Service Service Target/ Introduction Estimated Duration Charges
Brief Psychotherapy
(Remark 1)
  • Children with social, emotional, and behavioral problems and their families
  • Focusing on a clear and specific presenting problem within a limited time
2.5 hours for the initial session, 1 hour for the latter sessions $1,200 per hour
Cognitive, Behavioural, and Emotional Psychotherapy
(Remark 1)
  • Children with social, emotional, and behavioural problems and their families
  • Understanding and addressing the emotional, behavioural, and cognitive aspects of the children's presenting problem systemically
Long-term Psychotherapy
(Remark 1)
  • Children with social, emotional, and behavioural problems and their families, especially for children who are experiencing significant and chronic interpersonal and intrapersonal difficulties
  • Exploring children's significant early experiences and their interplay with children's presenting problem
  • One term includes 15 sessions. Our clinical psychologist would recommend number of terms with you collaboratively
$1,200 per hour for the 1st term
(An additional $600 per hour would be added for any subsequent new term)
Parental Consultation
(Remark 1)
  • Parents who are facing parenting difficulties and parent-child relationship problems
  • Assisting parents to understand their children and their own psychological needs in the parent-child relationship
2.5 hours for the initial session, 1 hour for the latter sessions $1,200 per hour
Professional Consultation
  • Professional caregivers of children, including social workers and teachers
On a need basis $300 per 15 minutes
(Remark 2)


  • Remark 1:Clinical psychologist will discuss with you and your child the tentative length and the frequency of the psychotherapy, which will be revisited throughout the psychotherapy, depending on your issue and therapy goals. Generally, you will have your regular psychotherapy session weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Remark 2:"Professional Consultation" is charged in a 15-minute unit. Consultations that take less time are rounded up to 15 minutes.