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Use of Fund


Currently HKCS offers nearly 60 types of direct service through over 100 service units/projects located across the territory, with a total number of attendance of around 2.35 million each year. About 22% of our annual general expenses are not subsidised by the Government. Therefore, public support is vital to maintain and develop the services being neglected in the society.

Except for donations with designated purposes, all the donations made to support our Monthly Donation Programme and various fundraising events are allocated to the "HKCS Service Development Fund". This Fund provides us resources to develop new services for the unattended needy and enables us to enhance existing services. It also enables us to continue to respond to the changing social service needs in time.


*The above information is as of 2023-24.



HKCS Service Development Fund

The HKCS Service Development Fund has supported the following pioneer or innovative services in recent years:

  • "Hidden Youths" support service
  • Specialist medical subsidy programme for the elderly
  • Subsidy scheme for preschoolers' psychological assessment
  • Escorting service for mentally disabled members to medical consultations
  • Project Link and interpretation support for South Asians

    We will continue to respond proactively to the social need and develop new services in time. And we look forward to having your support which is vital for us to maintain and develop the services being neglected in the society.


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